VSEO – YouTube SEO Factors That Do Impact

VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is almost similar to SEO and we all know that search engine like Google are unable to display our videos what we upload. So how are they get ranked? And what are key factors required?

Do you what to know this tricky secret…

Title tells the whole story

Often we judge the book by its cover and title and decide whether it’s worth taking my time or should I go on and pick something else out, same is with video if your video lacks users preferred topic your video is rarely going to get watched.

It’s a bit crafty to do so, but you get better with practice. Remember the main SEO Factors, like:

  • The title should be according to the content the Video is about.
  • It should not be so lengthy (50-70 Characters is good)
  • Don’t use fancy characters
  • Be professional and use ethical titles.
  • Use HD if your video is 720p, 1080p or 4K video. It gives a good impression that your video will be clear on most latest platforms

Nothing is important than description

Now I believe you have given your video a nice title, now the second most important thing is video description.

Have you ever wondered why are there lines written below subscription?

Guess what it’s also a slick way to get Google rank your videos. Just because you entered a text with videos makes Google think it’s relevant hence it pops out.

Furthermore, a description also suggests links which are essential ingredient in the promotion of other videos.

T for tags

Tags are for that extra word you didn’t add in your description.

Do consider that tags on some sites are plural singular sensitive so be sure you add both.

The good news is you can add as many tags as you wish so feel free.

Transcription is it worth it?

Transcription is adding a text file along with your video of whatever you say in the video google goes through this hence proving to be beneficial for getting high rankings.

Power of word CHANNEL

Adding word channel or making your own channel provides better chances for you to be prominent on VSEO.

As people are more likely to search for group of videos than to watch a single one.

Which has no relevance to other videos of its kind examples include cooking videos tutorials courses that are divided into parts.

Share it!

Sharing videos is better than anything you can opt for your high ranking goals.

Try to share your videos on social media site and try getting them viral.

Using your videos

Have you ever thought of embedding your videos on other sites this too has been proven effective as much as any other tactics described earlier.

You can use your previous videos by connecting to referring in your new video and provide the link in description.

People usually do that and get good video views.

Say it out

Commenting on videos has been the trend since a decade but replying to the comments to what people say about your video is important.

Once you start a discussion you encourage and give temptation to revisit your video for latest gossips and ideas.

Subscriptions view big deal

Viral videos are the videos that get viewed a lot.

When someone views or subscribers to your video you are more prone to get a high ranking.

Video quality

Most probably the first thing people all around the world notice is how much quality is there to the video they are watching.

If the video is in good or HD quality, congrats you are on the right track.

Are you up to date

Last but not the least upload, reply daily for better VSEO. Following up and replying to your comments always gives a view that you are caring for people who watch your videos.

Increase Your website visitors by using Social Media marketing

Social media advertising approach has now grown to be the prime manner of publicizing your online business. It’s the need of the hour that for the success of any business platforms like FB, Twitter and so on must have its pages for publicity.

Time has gone when websites were considered just a platform. Nowadays it has become the necessity of any business for better publicity, easy access and increased audience ship. Not just making a website fulfills the requirement.

Once the website is being made and left by far no means brings traffic to your website/ business. It is the matter of proper monitoring and continuous maintenance.

These factors may seem to be simple, but can tremendously increase the traffic that is being driven to your website. So if you want to be in business and in a respected way you must keep an eye at all the things, from low to high consider each and everything as a building block of your business.

If the total number of visitors to your website is not so promising then for this matter you need to take serious steps to help gain a handsome number of the users. Recently a report by Shareaholic on “Social Media Marketing Plan” showed that web’s most popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc. have increased the traffic to 31.24% in December last year from 22.71%. These sites use proper tactics that help them sustain the business.

One of such a solution is “SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT”.

Steps Required for Social Media Audit


This audit does not comprise of a single phase, but have multiple steps that must be followed for the achieving the purpose. Its steps are discussed as follows.

Document your presence

For any kind of business its documentation and proper management of the record are considered the basics that must be done. Before analyzing that whether your social media campaign is really doing well or not, you must document your position and all the things.

Spreadsheets are best solution for saving your information. The information that must be contained in your documentation is as follows.

  • The platforms you have a presence on like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • The URL of your profile ( must be user friendly and simple)
  • Who has access to these accounts
  • How many fans or followers you have (helps to know the traffic and publicity of the business)
  • When you last updated your profile (proper maintenance and consistency required)
  • What types of content you share (should be relevant)
  • How engaged your followers are (in the activities or events being shared)
  • Whether you’re running paid promotions on the same network

This record is not as simple as it seems to be. As followers will also include the blocked users, for the online availability and making space for the real users such users must be eliminated.

Understand Your Space

The secret that lies behind the success of any kind of business is to not only just look at your progress and the position. A good and healthy are the matrices that will help you boost your business.

So competitors must be kept in mind. Improvements can be brought up by focusing on the top five of the mainstream competitors and top five well known leaders in the business. Though it is bit difficult to gather all this information but do your best to collect every bit of information about your competitors and about what they are up to?

Modify your plan

After knowing both your position and your competitors, alter your plans accordingly. Modify your strategies of your social media campaign. Before directly jumping into new plan take a complete look at your new plan that whether it is going to be useful or just another waste. Set the targets in your new strategy quite carefully.


Set Goals

After all the three above steps have been done now come up with goals and objectives. The goals lie into two categories.

Goals based on past performance

Depending upon your prior performance set your new goals. Suppose in the past your website had 35% traffic and also it was not appealing for most of the age groups. Now what your goal in this case must be is to enhance your traffic/ viewership plus use the strategies to involve a broader range of age groups in your business.

Goals based on your competitors

After you have set plans based on your performance, now the time is to set such goals to come at a level of your competitors. Suppose your competitors are having their campaign on 8 of the renowned sites and you are publicizing yours on five. Then you must have to set a goal of achieving 8 websites to come up to their level.


Repeat audit regularly

All the steps must not be done like building castles in the air. Audit must be revised regularly to help maintain consistency.

Keep a check that goals are actually being achieved or not?

Many of the people are of the view that monitoring the campaign and the activities need proper attention and must not be compromised, but social media audit are equally important and can bring the effective changes.